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Press Release: Former Governors Steve Beshear and Ernie Fletcher, Recovery Advocate Mike Barry and DV8 Kitchen Inducted to 2022 Kentucky Recovery Hall of Fame

Lexington, Ky. (June 21, 2022) – RECON KY, a consortium working to promote long-term recovery in Kentucky, today honored its 2022 Kentucky Recovery Hall of Fame inductees.

  • Former U.S. Congressman and Governor Ernie Fletcher and former Governor Steve Beshear are recipients of the Congressman Hal Rogers Award, which recognizes Kentucky policymakers, elected officials or public officials who have advocated for legislation and public policies to address the addiction crisis and help more Kentuckians reach long-term recovery from substance use disorders.

  • Mike Barry is the recipient of the Jay Davidson Award, which recognizes an individual in recovery who has helped to support Kentuckians in their journeys to long-term recovery.

  • DV8 Kitchen is the Kentucky Recovery Hall of Fame’s inaugural Employer of the Year, which recognizes a business that has championed second chance employment and helped to reduce stigma around recovery in the workplace.

“While addiction is still one of the commonwealth’s most pressing issues, I’m proud of the comprehensive and collaborative approach Kentucky has taken to address this public health crisis,” said former U.S. Congressman and Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher. “Since leaving public office, I’ve kept my commitment to helping Kentuckians return to healthy, purposeful, addiction-free lives, and it is an honor to be inducted into the Kentucky Recovery Hall of Fame.”

“Expanding and protecting access to care for all Kentuckians, including those struggling with substance use, was one of my top priorities as Governor, and I am grateful for this recognition,” said former Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear. “This crisis is far from over, and I will continue to work alongside other advocates and stakeholders to help more Kentuckians reach long-term recovery.”

“I’m humbled to receive the 2022 Jay Davidson Recovery Hall of Fame Award,” said Mike Barry, former CEO of People Advocating Recovery (PAR). “During my time at PAR, I was able to use my personal recovery experience to advocate for meaningful policies that promote long-term recovery, and I will continue to support these efforts however I can. It is a privilege to be honored for this work alongside so many other distinguished recovery leaders.” 

“After experiencing the loss of so many employees to substance use, we felt compelled to step up and do more to address addiction in our community,” said Rob Perez, owner of DV8 Kitchen in Lexington. “We became intentional about hiring Kentuckians transitioning out of treatment and providing them with meaningful employment and mentorship. As the Kentucky Recovery Hall of Fame’s first Employer of the Year, we will continue to champion second chance employment, destigmatize addiction and encourage others in the business community to do the same.”

“Our 2022 Kentucky Recovery Hall of Fame inductees have spent years pioneering a comprehensive approach to recovery in the commonwealth,” said Tim Robinson, founding member of RECON KY and president and CEO of Addiction Recovery Care. “They exemplify the collaborative effort it takes to ensure every Kentuckian has the best opportunity for sustained recovery. We’re grateful for their leadership and commitment to ending the addiction epidemic once and for all.” 

“When it comes to combating substance use in our state, the business community must be part of the solution,” said Beth Davisson, founding member of RECON KY and senior vice president of the Kentucky Chamber Foundation. “We are proud to honor some of the individuals who have helped make Kentucky a more conducive place for treatment and recovery and will continue to work with them and other recovery leaders on these important issues.”

The inductees were honored during the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce’s 4th annual Recovery in the Workplace Conference.

The Kentucky Recovery Hall of Fame launched last year with U.S. Congressman Hal Rogers and Jay Davidson of The Healing Place as its inaugural inductees.

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RECON KY is a consortium for recovery that brings together stakeholders from all parts of the treatment system. Our mission is to advocate for a comprehensive, long-term approach to recovery that addresses the social determinants of addiction, while strengthening treatment and mental health services to better serve all Kentuckians. For more information, visit

About the Kentucky Recovery Hall of Fame

The Kentucky Recovery of Hall of Fame is an initiative of RECON KY to recognize individuals in long-term recovery and those who have taken a leading role in addressing Kentucky’s addiction crisis through prevention, treatment, education and advocacy. The Kentucky Recovery Hall of Fame was established in 2021, with U.S. Congressman Hal Rogers and Jay Davidson as its inaugural inductees. For more information, visit