Health: Providers still hesitate to prescribe buprenorphine for addiction, despite ‘X-waiver’ removal

By Lev Facher | July 21, 2023 Significant challenges remain before most American clinicians feel comfortable treating patients with buprenorphine, according to a new study. While the federal government’s recent moves to deregulate buprenorphine have led to a bump in new prescribers, it didn’t lead to a significant bump in overall prescribing volume. Many[Read More…]

Frankfort launches overdose response team

Frankfort Police Chief Dustin Bowman said he thinks of his own family as he works to support people suffering from substance use disorder.   “I’ve seen how it’s torn families apart, how children have been removed from home and unfortunately, I’ve seen how a brother-in-law — mine — passed away from his[Read More…]